privacy policy

Rxcle makes use of services and websites provided by Adobe, GitHub, Slack and Microsoft respectively. These companies maintain their own privacy policies for which Rxcle is not responsible.

Emails sent to our primary email address may be retained for servicing and administrative purposes. Its contents is treated as private conversation; In no circumstance will information in these emails be shared with third parties, unless explicit permission is provided.

Information posted in our Issue tracking system is treated as being in the public domain and may be shared with third parties without further notice.

Personal contact information is only needed and retained for delivery, contact and billing purposes in case specific payed services have been purchased. Once provided, the contact information will be retained in our system for future contact use. In no case will this information be shared with third parties without explcit permission. If you want to know if and what personal information is kept on you or if you want all personal information removed then please send an email to


All information provided on this website and any software or services provided by Rxcle is provided as-is without express warranty or any guarantee or claim to correctness. Rxcle does not take responsibility for damages or loss income of caused as a result of the usage of software, services or information provided by Rxcle.