continue to run your intra- and internet Silverlight based web applications on 64-bit Windows systems in a safe way without the need to have Silverlight installed globally


download & trial

Rxcle Resilver v1.0.0 (97.8MB)

install Resilver in TRIAL mode by providing no license key - in this mode Resilver is fully functional and you are allowed to try it out for non-commercial purposes for a maximum of 30 days

contact Rxcle for license options (including options to obtain the full rights/source)

q & a

which operating Systems are supported?
Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Only 64-bits.

which version of silverlight is supported?
Microsoft Silverlight 5.1, which is the latest (and last) released version. This is backwards compatible with applications made for previous Silverlight releases.

are out-of-browser (OOB) Silverlight applications supported?
No. Resilver only supports Silverlight applications that are hosted within a traditional website.

silverlight is no longer supported by microsoft, is it safe to continue using it through Resilver?
Rxcle consideres it is safe for specific use cases where the vendor and host domain of the application are trusted. On the client side there is very little risk of any future Silverlight security exploits causing issues because Resilver does not make use of a globally installed version of Silverlight and Resilver only runs within the scope of the current user, with no administrative/system level access.

does resilver only support silveright or traditional web applications (or html compontents) as well?
Resilver uses a traditional web browser at its core so it can be used to open any website and will support HTML websites containing Silverlight and Silverlight applications using HTML components without issues.

will [application X] work with resilver?
Rxcle cannot give any guarrantees but if the application was written using proper cross-browser web standards and it works correctly on Internet Explorer 11 today, it will very likely work without any issues.

will there be support for mac-os, linux, windows on arm or 32-bit windows in the future?
There are currently no plans to support anything else than 64-bit traditional (x86-based) Windows systems.

what is waterfox?
Resilver uses a specially configured web browser called Waterfox, which is a secure and fast open-source browser that is derived from the better known Mozilla Firefox. Note that the Resilver does not use the regular version of Waferfox, but rather a specially configured one which is started through the Resilver Start menu / Desktop icon.

why is the silverlight installer needed by the resilver setup?
Resilver needs certain files from the Silverlight Installer in order to function correctly. However, due to the Silverlight license from Microsoft these files cannot be distributed as part of Resilver itself and thus the installer needs to be supplied by you or your organization.


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