historical software by rxcle, its predecessors and affiliates. the software here can be downloaded and used free of charge, in all cases usage is at own risk. some of the older software might only function correctly on era-appropriate windows versions.

Dart Meister Pro 1.06 (403kB, 2003) darts score keeping app for one or 2 players, with automatic hints on outshot and throw statistics.

Perfect! Text Edit 1.2a (259kB, 2001) simple multi-tab plain text editor - replacement for notepad.

Dirkey 2.0b (175kB, 2004) quickly bookmark and go to directories in windows explorer and file open/save dialogs - requires windows XP for full functionality.

Curemo (175kB, 2009) remote control sterinberg cubase & nuendo over lan via other pcs or windows mobile devices.

RBIL Viewer 2.1f (375kB, 2002) viewer for ralf brown's interrupt list.

16-bit dos archive

Change Fast 1.30c (28kB, 1997) quickly change to any directory by typing part of the name.

A/RB 1.20 (14kB, 1998) automatically reboot a computer continuously and maintain statistics to diagnose startup issues - this is intended to be automatically run from a bootable stick/floppy via autoexec.